Mame147.1 & MAMEUI 147.1 uploaded

Mame147.1 & MAMEUI 147.1 uploaded

Mame146u5 & MAMEUI 146.5 uploaded

Mame146u5 & MAMEUI 146.5 uploaded

MAMEUI 146.4 uploaded

MAMEUI 146.4 uploaded here

mame 146.4 update available


Mame .146u2 and MameUI146.2 released

Both available at and

GooManager alternate Android rom updates made easier

If you have an Android phone or tablet with Cyanogenmod ROM on then chances are you have a rooted device that can accept other ROMs as well. I updated my daughters HTC Desire (Bravo) this evening with which handled the whole thing for me without a glitch.

Here is a video walkthrough on a hp touchpad but it works the same on any device.

Jack Heal


I have updated the MameUI 146.1 with just the 64bit version as JohnIV is no longer building a 32bit version.

download page


Mame has been updated to 146u1 and is available here MameUI will be updated when available


Mame & MameUI